The following two readings layout the core themes that drive the Abrahamic Family Reunion

  • Uniting the Children of Abraham is the title of an interview with Joseph Montville conducted by Jamie Glazov of Front Page Magazine. The article was first printed on November, 4th 2005. The transcript of their discussion is below. Read the summary>>

Additional texts that lay the groundwork for AFR theory:

  • The annual meeting of the International Council of Christians and Jews in Istanbul, in June 2010 was the first time the ICCJ, founded in 1947, met in a majority Muslim country, under the key Qur’anic title “So That You May Know One Another.” In her keynote speech Susannah Heschel refers to her legendary father, the late Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, who was one of the greatest American Abrahamic moral leaders in teaching and practice in the twentieth century. He spread his arms wide to embrace all of God’s children. Susannah is a distinguished teacher and scholar in her own right as you will see. We are honored to be able to share her talk with our network.

The readings listed below are from the portfolio of Project Director, Joseph Montville.

All are in downloadable PDF or Word document format.