August 9, 2017 – News of Abrahamic Interest


Encouraging News for the Family

The first item from the Merrimack College Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian-Muslims Relations is especially gratifying since we have had the honor to chair the Goldziher Prize jury since it was established ten years ago. Joshua Seftel’s The Secret Lives of American Muslims, nominated for an Emmy, was one of three winners of the Goldziher Prize for outstanding journalism this year. The other two were Samuel Freedman for articles in the New York Times, and Robin Wright for articles in The New Yorker. This report offers further links for readers to see all of Joshua Seftel’s remarkable portraits plus the awards ceremony at the National Press Club on May 3.

We close with a brief but satisfying report from Egypt where the government has decided to restore a synagogue in Alexandria.

Joseph V. Montville

Chairman of the Board

TRACK TWO: An Institute for Citizen Diplomacy