February 1, 2017 – News of Abrahamic Interest


In the first eleven days of President Trump’s term, it has been a challenge to focus on Abrahamic family themes. But one that dominates is the powerful surge of Jewish determination to protect the Muslim community and Muslims worldwide from the wave of disrespect if not disdain that Muslims have faced from the regime.

We begin with a strong statement by a brilliant reporter and analyst of Haaretz, the Washington-based Chemi Shalev which speaks for itself.

Next we hear from a rabbi from the University of Pennsylvania who embraces her Muslim family members with moving commitment.

Then we move to Montana to see a chief of police accept a mezuzah from local and visiting Jews whom he is protecting from local neo-Nazis.

In commenting on the traditional multi-faith prayer service for the new president  at Washington National Cathedral, an American Muslim scholar confronts critics of the role of Imam Mohamed Magid, a much admired friend of ours.

We end with news of a new initiative by a young evangelical Christian who embraces the Muslim American family and is leading an educational initiative to persuade fellow evangelicals to join him. We are a senior adviser to the project.

Joseph V. Montville

Chairman of the Board

TRACK TWO: An Institute for Citizen Diplomacy