February 15, 2017 – News of Abrahamic Interest


The dominant news today is the resignation of Lt. General (ret’d) Michael Flynn as Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser. Among other things, Flynn was the most outspoken Islamophobe in the White House. That leaves Stephen Bannon, Trump’s senior adviser on strategy, as the self-admitted Christian champion against the Islamic threat to the West. Our second report, E.J. Dionne’s “Bannon vs. Pope Francis” goes into great detail.

We begin with an eye witness report by (our) Congressman Donald Beyer (D-Va.) of the popular demonstration at Washington’s Dulles International Airport, in support of victims of Trump’s now cancelled ban on immigration from seven Muslim majority countries in the Middle /east and North Africa.

Moving to Israel, we learn of a major demonstration by Jews and Arabs in protest against government demolition of Arab homes and anti-Arab racism in general.

Then back to the United States, we have a report of a Jewish synagogue in Texas that invites Muslim members of a burned out mosque to use it for daily prayers.

We conclude with a tale by Sayed Kashua, an Israeli Arab journalist teaching in Illinois, trying to come to grips with his daughter’s modified embrace of her Muslim identity. It’s a sweet ending.   

Joseph V. Montville

Chairman of the Board

TRACK TWO: An Institute for Citizen Diplomacy