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Interfaith woman of ‘Reuniting The Children Of Abraham’ and CBS producer Ted Holms as featured in the CBS special “ Abrahams Children Reuniting a Old Family” from left to right seated Barbara Tally, Sheri Schiff, Lila Amen, standing Brenda Rosenberg, Ted Holms.

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  • January 2009An Interfaith Declaration for Peace A truly Abrahamic expression supported by moral and intellectual leaders in the greater Boston area, many of whom are part of AFR.

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Let me start with a remarkable fact: almost every single Jew in Albania, whether they were Albanians or refugees from other nations, survived during the German occupation during World War II.  The Jews were protected, through the raids and searches and the times in between, by Albanians who followed the national honor code of Besa: the deepest promise a person can give, the word that is never broken. Under Besa, Albanians took Jews into their homes, treated them as family, fed and clothed them, and sacrificed their own safety and the safety of their families for the sake of their guests.

The White House, in conjunction with the Corporation for National and Community Service, is launching the United We Serve campaign, urging Americans to make community service a national priority this summer.  Service is an important component in America’s “patchwork heritage” – and once again President Obama reminds us that through service, we contribute to our nation’s recovery and renewal in these difficult times.  As we all know, interfaith service can strengthen our communities even more powerfully.  The President set the stage for his new initiative in his Address in Cairo on June 4, saying,
Indeed, faith should bring us together.  That is why we are forging service projects in America that bring together Christians, Muslims, and Jews…Around the world, we can turn dialogue into interfaith service, so bridges between people lead to action – whether it is combating malaraia in Africa, or providing relief after a national disaster.

This is our time to demonstrate the impact of interfaith service to President Obama and the world.  We need you to get involved through the volunteer opportunities and the tools for engagement offered by both the United We Serve campaign and IFYC.  Get plugged in by visiting Serve.gov and our Bridge-builders’ Network to learn about volunteer opportunities and post your own service projects.  On the Bridge-builder’s Network you will also find resources and ideas on how to incorporate interfaith engagement into your action projects.Tell us your stories. Through stories, we can share the powerful message of interfaith service.  Keep in touch, either to update us, share ideas, or get support, on our Bridge-builders site or by contacting Hannah McConnaughay at Hannah@ifyc.org.
The United We Serve campaign ends on September 11th – but the call to serve will continue.  You’ve already demonstrated your amazing ability to answer this call to action.  This summer, let us again prove that United We Serve.