January 13, 2016 – News of Abrahamic Interest

2016 Begins with Conflict and Hope in the Holy Land and Beyond






The Forward’s Naomi Zeveloff reports on Arab-Jewish conflict over housing in Israel.

Yet there is news of the Netanyahu government’s decision to invest almost a billion dollars in the Arab sector albeit amid skepticism that it will actually happen.

On the more encouraging side, an Israeli Jewish reviewer writes of a new children’s book of stories in Hebrew and Arabic of Jewish-Muslim communal coexistence that brings tears to his eyes.

And finally, the irrepressible Pope Francis continues to promote the idea that we are all God’s children regardless of the religion we use for prayer. 

  • On Interreligious Dialogue – January 2016 – The Pope Video is a global initiative developed by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer) to assist in the dissemination of the Holy Father’s monthly intentions related to the challenges the humanity faces. Every month you may accompany Pope Francis in his prayer requests.

Joseph V. Montville
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