Jesuit University Offers Jewish Social Justice Course

Aaron Hahn Tapper, Co-Executive Director of Abraham’s Vision is featured in this article on the University of San Francisco.

By Rebecca Spence
Thu. Sep 18, 2008

Los Angeles – A Bay Area university has become the first in America to create an academic program based on a long-standing tradition: the Jewish commitment to social justice.

This month, the University of San Francisco, a 153-year-old Jesuit institution, launched the Swig Program in Jewish Studies and Social Justice. Directed by Jewish activist Aaron Hahn Tapper, the program offers students the opportunity to carry a minor in the new track, which examines social justice through a Jewish lens.

Since the 1970s, Jewish studies departments have proliferated on American college campuses. More recently, Israel studies departments have carved out a place for themselves in academia. But this latest iteration – a program narrowly focused on Jewish social activism – is a departure from the more traditional departments, where academic study stands alone. The Swig program intends to marry academia with practical application.

In 2003, Hahn Tapper founded Abraham’s Vision, an educational organization that works toward transforming religious and ethnic conflicts. He will continue his work at Abraham’s Vision, where he serves as co-executive director.

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