May 18, 2016 – News of Abrahamic Interest

The Mizrahi Revival No. 3: Memories of Morocco and Reunion in Manhattan






A Series on Reaffirmation by Jews with Roots in the Arab and Muslim World
This is the third of several special reports inspired by a very productive and enlightening visit to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in February focused on mostly young Mizrahi activists who have visions of a future their parents and grandparents could not aspire to. Most important in this series is that the Israeli Jews whose heritage is in the Arab and Muslim world will be speaking directly to our readers.
This edition brings a remarkable report from an Ashkenazi Israeli who visits Morocco to relive the 2000 year experience of Jewish and Arab/Berber creative coexistence.

Then we go to New York for a meeting of “Jews of color” including Afro-American Jews, other multi-ethnic Jews, Muslim Arabs and a senior Mizrahi reporter for what we think is America’s and the world’s finest Jewish newspaper.

The last piece is by an Israeli, Palestinian Muslim who is drawn to the story of Moroccan Jewish-Muslim collaboration in the post-Passover festival of Mimouna.
All of these articles fit our editorial bias toward recovering memory which has been wounded, but never lost in the Abrahamic family relationship.

Joseph V. Montville
Chairman of the Board
TRACK TWO: An Institute for Citizen Diplomacy

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