November 2, 2016 – News of Abrahamic Interest

Upbeat Stories of Jewish and Muslim Engagement







Our first light story is from Halloween in America.

Then much more significant is the report of thousands of Israeli and Palestinian Jewish and Muslim women  marching for peace. The West Bank’s Huda Abu Arquob is a a charter member of the International Abrahamic Network.
Our third piece is a very personal story of a young Jewish woman’s failing marriage with her Israeli husband and her discovery of an Egyptian Muslim who meets her ethical and even spiritual needs.

We end with an account of a successful dinner hosted by the mayor of a West Bank settlement with Palestinian guests who otherwise work in the settlement. It’s an honest portrait of the way Israelis and Palestinians–including some settlers–can imagine future co-existence.

Joseph V. Montville
Chairman of the Board
TRACK TWO: An Institute for Citizen Diplomacy