October 19, 2016 – News of Abrahamic Interest

 Religious minorities happy in southern Iraq; Jewish,Catholic reunion in Poland; and Israeli president hosts Abrahamic talks with Palestinians. But bad news for Muslims in France







We open with rare positive news of interreligious harmony in southern Iraq.

Then there is another story of Polish Catholics honoring Jews in one town.

There follows an encouraging initiative by Israel’s president in hosting a dialogue among Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders including from Palestine. That the West Bankers avoided photos and names was to protect themselves from demagogues and worse. What’s important is that they showed up.

The final piece comes in today’s Washington Post. The same day Haaretz U.S. correspondent Chemi Shalev published a powerful analysis of the phenomenon of “toxic leaders,” focused on Donald Trump.

Briefly, the toxic leader is motivated by “ambition, arrogance, avarice, desire for power and narcissism…and shows destructive behavior, dysfunctional personality and serious and enduring harm.”  

We don’t do Trump in this publication, but the coincidence in this report on Nicholas Sarkozy was too important to ignore. Humankind needs this analytical tool to protect ourselves. And the smartest journalists will be the most effective in using it.

Joseph V. Montville
Chairman of the Board
TRACK TWO: An Institute for Citizen Diplomacy