Interfaith Guidebook

A guidebook for interfaith organizations seeking Jewish, Christian and Muslim community.

  • This Abrahamic Family Reunion (AFR) Guidebook is offered to people who participate in voluntary activities that promote respectful relationships among Jews, Christians and Muslims in the United States, and indeed, wherever Abrahmic peoples meet in the world. It is also offered to individuals who engage professionally as mediators or facilitators in interfaith dialogue and to seminaries and schools and departments of religious studies that are concerned with the ethics and methods of interfaith reconciliation as part of their teaching responsibilities.

Ethics & Pro-Social Values in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

  • The last but perhaps most valuable part of the above guidebook is a set of three independent but obviously serially connected papers on the pro-social or ethical values in Judaism, Christianity and Islam that lay the irrefutable basis, we believe, for the belief that the peoples of the three Abrahamic traditions are indeed a family. The dominant values are love of God and love and care for our neighbors. More specifically, this faith -based caring extends to the least among us in society, the widows and orphans, the poor and the sick, the unemployed and the imprisoned. It is extraordinary how these caring values flow seamlessly from the Hebrew Bible through the NewTestament and find themselves powerfully reaffirmed in the Qur’an.

These three papers rich with citations from the sacred texts and literature were researched and written by Lynn Kunkle, PhD of American University.

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  • BOOKS On this page you will find a list of texts consulted for the AFR project. Several of the books have links to documents that cite useful excerpts or provide general outlines of the reading.  It is divided by category, such as: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Israeli-Palestinian, and so on.
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